All business is global, so let us help you achieve more.

We will be there when you need us.
English advertising copy
    and advertising adaptation
We will ensure that your English advertising copy always strikes the right note.

Daybridge International delivers effective English advertising copy for all types of media. We create, check, translate and adapt all types of copy from brochures to PR.

English is our mother tongue and copy that gets results our passion. Our vast experience in International Marketing means we guarantee copy that really speaks the language of your customers.

Professional translation, editing
    and interpreting service
No matter whether German - English or English - German, we provide perfect translations of all your business and technical texts, documents and presentations.
 Preparation for English presentations,
 lectures and meetings
We can help you prepare for the big day and ensure you make an impact in English. We can coach you, provide you with valuable tips, hold a dress rehearsal and offer the assistance you need both at home and abroad. We can also be there for you during talks, meetings and conferences where English is required.

Professional telephone lead generation
We can provide you with valuable contacts and appointments to help you grow your business both at home and abroad.

We can help to organise your national and international events and book accommodation and dining for your guests.

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